CURNYN CONSULTING offers a full range of services that span the diversity of correctional management and operations. Great care is taken to provide such services in a cost-effective manner that continues to meet your system’s needs for legal, regulatory or administrative compliance.


We can provide expert advice on all aspects of security protocols and procedures including:

  • front entrance procedures
  • admissions procedures
  • key control
  • armory control
  • tool control
  • inmate transportation and operational scheduling
  • maximum security protocols
  • classification
  • contraband detection
  • facility searches
  • emergency response
  • use of force

Our operational background in inmate welfare issues includes court detention, jail and prison facilities. We recognize that jurisdictions vary in their requirements with regard to conditions of confinement so our goal is to help you achieve compliance with local standards and budgetary constraints.


The key to a well-run facility is management – both resource and financial. We can assist you in the development of operational indicators that will help your managers identify potential problem areas. Armed with such tools, you will be better able to forestall expensive litigation or, for those jurisdictions with on-going litigation, execute a plan to conform to correctional standards or auditing requirements. CURNYN CONSULTING brings an extensive portfolio in personnel management for employee workforce issues to the table. Our expertise includes innovative programs for management in scheduling, roster management, staff deployment, overtime controls, absenteeism, sick leave abuse, executive vetting, training assessment and development, employee retention, collective bargaining strategies, conflict resolution and staff disciplinary models.

We also have vast experience in establishing administrative controls and procedures that optimize current financial resources and operating assets. Employing techniques such as inventory analysis or process efficiency analysis, we’re able to hone in on areas that could be improved to save your agency both time and money.

Secure Facility Design

CURNYN CONSULTING has the knowledge and operational experience to work with architects and correctional operators to design facilities that allow for the efficient deployment of staff, better workflow environments, and the safety and security of both staff and inmates. We employ many of the principles of CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) to enhance security by utilizing the actual physical structure and security components. We have worked on national and international projects designing new facilities and retrofitting existing facilities. Our experience has shown that the use of comprehensive planning stages is critical to ensure the result is a facility that will meet your security and financial needs.

CURNYN CONSULTING has participated in value engineering studies as they relate to prisons, jails, lock-ups and secure psychiatric facilities. CURNYN expertise has allowed municipalities to reduce costs while increasing security and service delivery.

Expert Witness/Technical Assistance

CURNYN CONSULTING has provided expert witness testimony and technical assistance for a variety of issues including search procedures, training, wrongful death and deliberate indifference, use of force, classification, security risk groups and inmate suicide. In our experience when we are involved early in the process, we can assist attorneys with the development of an approach that saves time and money and leads to a satisfactory conclusion.  


The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 mandates that all correctional facilities be audited by persons certified by the Department of Justice to conduct such audits once every three years. The first audit cycle will end August 20, 2016. Members of the CURNYN CONSULTING team have been certified by the DOJ to perform these audits of prisons and jails. We can arrange to conduct your audit or assist you in preparing for your audit.